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ADA Presidents Album


Doctor Black, of Chicago, was elected thirty-eighth president of the Association at the 1900 meeting at Old Point Comfort, Virginia. In his presidential address the following year, Doctor Black analyzed the structure and function of the Association and recommended changes taking into account the growth of the profession. Although Doctor Black lacked formal education, he reached the highest level of professional attainment and influence. He was an assiduous student of chemistry, bacteriology, micros­copy and pathology. He invented numerous dental devices, wrote prolifically on dental science, and was in great demand as a lecturer. After practicing dentistry I 3 years in west central Illinois, he began a career as a teacher at dental schools in Mis­souri, Illinois and Iowa. At age 61 he was named dean of the Northwestern University Dental School. Doctor Black was awarded honorary D.D.S., M.D., Sc.D. and LL.D. degrees. He was born in Illinois in 1836 and died in 1915

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Content comprises text (a brief biography and historical highlights), facsimile of autograph and a photographic portrait for each ADA President from 1860 to 1977.