Sensitivity Statement

ADA Commons, a repository of archival material from the history of the American Dental Association and its member associations, provides access to a wide range of documents reaching back to the mid-1800s.

This archive contains historical materials that may include outdated or offensive language, reflecting the attitudes and perspectives of their respective time periods. The intention is not to endorse or promote any discriminatory views, but to preserve a comprehensive record of cultural and linguistic evolution. We encourage users to approach these materials with sensitivity and understanding, recognizing the progress made in social norms and language usage. The archive serves as a valuable resource for research and education, providing insight into the complexities of our cultural history.

Items in need of sensitivity warnings are accompanied by comments in their public-facing records. While the ADA Libraries & Archives staff make efforts to identify and address such items, we encourage your assistance. If you encounter holdings requiring a content warning or disclaimer, please contact us using the link in the menu at left. Include the item name and/or link, and our staff will promptly update the record. Your collaboration ensures a more comprehensive and considerate archival experience.