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ADA Presidents Album


Luther Shepard Doctor Shepard, of Boston, was elected nineteenth president of the Association at the 1879 meeting at Niagara Falls. It was estimated that there were 12,000 practicing dentists in the United States at that time, and the Association voted to compile a complete directory of dentists, with the assistance of state societies. Doctor Shepard, a general practitioner, was on the dental department staff of the Harvard Medical School from 1868 until 1879. He was the first president of the Massachusetts board of dentist registration, established in 1887. Doctor Shepard was president of the World's Columbian Dental Congress held in Chicago in 1893. He was born in Maine in 1838 and died in 1911.

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Content comprises text (a brief biography and historical highlights), facsimile of autograph and a photographic portrait for each ADA President from 1860 to 1977.