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ADA Presidents Album


Doctor Peirce, of Philadelphia, was elected twentieth president of the Association at the 1880 meeting in Boston. Delegates discussed the need for a united profession and the possibility of unification of the American Dental Association, the American Dental Convention, and the Southern National Dental Association. Doctor Peirce, professor of physiology and operative dentistry, was dean of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery from 1860 until 1866 and from 1877 until 1901. He was the first president of the National Association of Dental Faculties. Among the many published papers of Doctor Peirce were essays on the relation between uric acid and pyorrhea alveolaris. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1829 and died in 1909.

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Content comprises text (a brief biography and historical highlights), facsimile of autograph and a photographic portrait for each ADA President from 1860 to 1977.