This comprehensive review explores the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the evolution of dental care delivery. As oral health specialists, dentists continually seek to enhance their ability to prevent, diagnose, and manage oral diseases while maintaining and improving patient oral health. The integration of AI offers unprecedented opportunities to revolutionize dental practice and patient care.

AI is rapidly advancing in healthcare, including dental care, with a projected global healthcare AI market value of $45.2 billion by 2026. This technology can potentially revolutionize prevention, diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment outcomes.

Aspects of AI in dentistry include:

· Diagnostic Accuracy and Treatment Planning: AI's ability to analyze radiographic images and unstructured patient data enables precise disease identification and treatment planning, improving clinical cognition.

· Risk Stratification and Prevention: AI-powered patient risk stratification based on comorbidities and social determinants of health allows for early preventive measures and targeted interventions.

· Payer-Provider Alignment: AI streamlines claims processing, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures accurate coding and submission, benefiting providers and payers.

· Quality Improvement: AI facilitates practice data aggregation, offering insights for continuous quality improvement, enhancing patient care, and creating a continuously learning healthcare system.

While the integration of AI in dentistry presents significant opportunities for improvement, it also raises ethical and technical challenges, including data privacy, security, and bias mitigation. The American Dental Association and relevant standards committees actively address these issues to ensure responsible AI implementation in dentistry. AI's potential to transform dental care delivery is substantial, promising enhanced patient experiences, improved clinical outcomes, and increased trust between patients and providers. Embracing this technology will be pivotal in advancing the dental profession and ensuring high-quality care in the future.