Reviewer Guidelines

Manuscript submission peer-review is essential to providing timely, accurate, and helpful information to authors. It assures that The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association provides evidence-based, clinically applicable original content, ensuring the Journal delivers value for our readers, the profession, and the greater community.

The Journal uses a single-blind review process, where the reviewer is aware of the author's identity, but the author is not informed of who conducted their review. Please note the article is embargoed until publication and must be held in confidence.

We request the completion of your review within 21 days. When you assess this submission, please consider the following:

  • Are the recommendations consistent with the literature and best practice?
  • Is the overall length appropriate to hold the reader's attention?
  • Is the content clinically applicable?
  • Are the illustrations, photographs, and tables correct and valid? (do they support the article?)
  • Are the recommendations and findings supportable?
  • Is it referenced correctly? Are references needed?
  • Do the authors have the necessary background to address the topic?
  • Are the author's conclusions verifiable?

Please use your word program's review/edit options to track any proposed revisions and the comment option to provide appropriate suggestions or balloon commentary. Please save the file of your comments and edits using your initials and the article name to save the returned file before returning your review.

Please also grade the article:

  1. Accept as presented
  2. Accept with minor changes
  3. Accept after major revisions
  4. Reject submission for publication

In an email cover letter, you are welcome to share additional thoughts on improving the article.