extravasation cyst, low level laser therapy, diode laser, mucosal preservation technique, pseudocyst, neo-angiogenesis


Mucoceles are the quotidian, benign minor salivary gland lesions of the oral mucosa. They result from the accumulation of mucous secretion due to trauma or alteration of minor salivary glands. Clinically they are characterized by bluish, dome shaped, soft and fluctuant physiognomy with most frequent occurrence reported on the lower lip. Based on the histological features they are of two varieties mucous extravasation and retention cysts. Various treatment modalities including surgery, laser ablation, electrosurgery, marsupialization, cryosurgery, intra-lesional injections and corticosteroids have been reported in literature. In the present case, a mucosal preservation technique was used in conjunction with an 810nm diode laser for excision followed by irradiation by low level laser therapy to improve patient comfort and lead to accelerated and favorable wound healing. An excellent result with no relapse was reported in a 15 month follow up.