About This Journal

The New York State Dental Journal is the flagship publication of the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) and has appeared in several formats since 1933.

The Journal is produced six times a year, in January. March, April, July, September and November. Issues are available online, as well as in print in the months of January and July. Each issue features clinical and scientific articles written by researchers and practitioners from around the globe and subject to review by a panel of specialists convened by the Editor. Other features, assembled by staff, include:

  • The Legal Column
  • Association News
  • Educational and Professional news
  • Reports from each NYSDA component society
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Practice/Equipment sales and leases

The journal is a valuable source of information on the current state of all phases of dentistry. This includes time-honed techniques, as well as innovations in practice and technology. Students and residents see The Journal as a popular outlet for seeking their first publishing experiences as well as for finding jobs and employment/practice opportunities.