Every month, The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association brings news, information, and features about Michigan dentistry to our state's oral health community and the MDA's 6,200+ members. No publication reaches more Michigan dentists!

In this issue, the reader will find the following original content:

  • A cover story interview introducing new MDA President Eric Knudsen of Escanaba.
  • A feature review of the 2023 MDA Annual Session held in Grand Rapids.
  • MDA President Dr. Benivegna's Opening Remarks before the 2023 House of Delegates.
  • News you need, Editorial and regular department articles on MDA Foundation activities, Dentistry and the Law, Staff Matters, and component news.

This issue also includes two articles reprinted with permission.

  • The Science and Beauty of Restorative Dentistry as a Functional Art delves into the art and science of restorative dentistry, emphasizing the importance of evidence-informed knowledge, proven treatment protocols, clinical experience, exacting techniques, and durable materials.
  • Fear of Failure in which the author shares how a fear of failure affected their career, especially in patient care. Over time, they learned to give themselves more grace and accept that embracing challenges is crucial for personal growth.