Volume 105, Number 6 (2023)

Every month, The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association brings news, information, and features about Michigan dentistry to our state's oral health community and the MDA's 6,200+ members. No publication reaches more Michigan dentists!

In this issue, the reader will find the following original content:

  • A cover story interview introducing new MDA President Eric Knudsen of Escanaba.
  • A feature review of the 2023 MDA Annual Session held in Grand Rapids.
  • MDA President Dr. Benivegna's Opening Remarks before the 2023 House of Delegates.
  • News you need, Editorial and regular department articles on MDA Foundation activities, Dentistry and the Law, Staff Matters, and component news.

This issue also includes two articles reprinted with permission.

  • The Science and Beauty of Restorative Dentistry as a Functional Art delves into the art and science of restorative dentistry, emphasizing the importance of evidence-informed knowledge, proven treatment protocols, clinical experience, exacting techniques, and durable materials.
  • Fear of Failure in which the author shares how a fear of failure affected their career, especially in patient care. Over time, they learned to give themselves more grace and accept that embracing challenges is crucial for personal growth.

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Meet Your New MDA Editor
Michelle C. Dziurgot DDS

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MDA At Your Service: How Can I Learn More about Insurance Plan Contracts?
Kristin Johnson DDS and MDA Membership Department Staff

Cover of the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association with MDA President Knudsen wearing dark blue scrubs and smiling in a dental office.