The Dean of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Jan Hu’s annual report to our readers, highlights the school's dedication to dental education and oral health science. The report underscores the school's commitment to maintaining high standards in the face of changing times. Key Highlights:

  1. Educational Normalcy: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the school has returned to a sense of normalcy in educating DDS, dental hygiene, and graduate students. Stringent infection control measures are still in place.
  2. Vibrant Research: The school's research endeavors remain strong, with over 200 papers, articles, and reviews published in prestigious academic journals worldwide. The annual Research Day, which resumed in person, continues to showcase diverse research projects.
  3. Leadership Change: Dean Laurie McCauley, who led the school for nearly a decade, was appointed provost of the university. Interim Dean Jan Hu is honored to take over, ensuring continuity of high academic and research standards.
  4. Major Renovation: A $140 million renovation project, called Blue Renew, was completed this year. It revitalized the physical spaces, clinics, and facilities within the school, bringing it up to modern standards.
  5. Student Excellence: The school welcomed an impressive incoming DDS Class of 2026, with students representing a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Student achievements have been recognized through awards and research projects.
  6. Faculty Recognition: Several faculty members have received awards and honors, emphasizing their significant contributions to dental education and research.
  7. Dental Hygiene: The Dental Hygiene Division celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special event, adapting to the changing needs of students. The demand for dental hygienists has grown, leading to an increase in class size.
  8. Community Outreach: The school's commitment to community outreach extends beyond its clinics, reaching underserved populations across Michigan. Initiatives like "Give Kids a Smile" have positively impacted children's oral health.

This report highlights the University of Michigan School of Dentistry's dedication to providing quality education, advancing oral health science, and serving the community.