Every month, The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association brings news, information, and features about Michigan dentistry to our state's oral health community and the MDA's 6,200+ members. No publication reaches more Michigan dentists!

In this issue, the reader will find the following original content:

  • Cover stories with a “Focus on Advocacy: Helping Dentistry Succeed”, including “MDA Dental PAC: What It Is and Why It Matters “, “2021 Advocacy Success — and More to Come “, and “Dental Programs Maintained in 2021-22 State Budget”.
  • A feature article on “The Anishinaabe Dental Outreach Program”.
  • A feature article, “How Your Website and the Cloud Can Support Every Facet of Your Business”.
  • A feature article on “The Privilege of Service in a Time of COVID-19”.
  • News you need, Editorial and regular department articles on MDA Foundation activities, Dentistry and the Law, Staff Matters, and component news.

This issue also includes one article reprinted with permission.

  • “The Elephant in the Room: Combating Sexism — The Need for Real Inclusion in Dental Education”, originally published in the Journal of the American College of Dentists.