Every month, The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association brings news, information, and features about Michigan dentistry to our state's oral health community and the MDA's 6,200+ members. No publication reaches more Michigan dentists!

In this issue, the reader will find the following original content:

  • A cover story on "Antibiotic Guidelines for Dentistry: Who, When, What, Why, and How to Prescribe”.
  • A feature, “Collaboration Is the Wave of the Future: Hospital-Based General Practice Residency”.
  • “Taking Advantage of Secondary and Tertiary Evidence”, a feature in the JMDA’s series on evidence-based dentistry.
  • “Statistics Tutorial Part III: Interpretation of Forest Plots from Meta Analysis" the third feature in a series.
  • A feature, “Presenting the MDA’s 2020 Award-Winners", that highlights the recipients of this year’s John G. Nolen Meritorious Award, Emmett C. Bolden Dentist Citizen of the Year Award, MDA Public Service Award, Matt Uday New Dentist Leadership Award, and the Michigan Donated Dental Services (DDS) Awards.
  • News you need, Editorial and regular department articles on MDA Foundation activities, Dentistry and the Law, Staff Matters, and component news.