dental implants, Dynamic Surgical Guidance (DSG), dental implant surgical placement


Dynamic surgical guidance (DSG) is a recent advance in implant dentistry, used in an effort to maximize the efficiency and predictability of implant surgeries. A study, conducted by Navigate Surgical Technologies using the Inliant system, was undertaken in Toronto, Canada to analyze the success and accuracy of this technology. Twenty-three implants placed in twenty-two subjects were examined. The results showed that implant placement using Inliant was extremely accurate when compared to the pre-surgical plan. Additionally, there were no significant errors or deviations in implant placement. The study concluded with the Food and Drug Administration of the United States granting safety approval for the Inliant system. As such, it is reasonable to expect that DSG, including the Inliant system, can and should be safely implemented by more practitioners as the technology becomes readily available.