autism and oral healthcare, autism spectrum (ASD), dental home, peripheral ameloblastoma, odontogenic tumor, benign oral tumor, New York City Workers Bill of Rights, employer compliance, employment law reform, child abuse, dental education, child protective services, pediatric dentistry, mandating reporting, dental implants, Dynamic Surgical Guidance (DSG), dental implant surgical placement, sepsis, periodontal disease


In the April 2024 issue, the reader will find the following feature articles:

  • “Challenges and Implications of Mandated Reporting to Child Welfare in Dentistry”
  • “Guiding our Implants: Using Dynamic Surgical Guidance to Maximize Predictability”
  • “Peripheral Ameloblastoma”, a case report and literature review
  • and “Everyone Deserves a Dental Home”, a Perspectives article on meeting the dental needs of autistic people

This issue includes regular columns with regional news impacting the New York membership including: editorial and legal columns, association activities, component news, continuing education opportunities, and classifieds.

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