orthognathic surgery, dentofacial deformities, oral health impact profile, co-Rx, opioids in dentistry, naloxone prescription, dental implant


In the March 2022 issue, the reader will find the following feature articles:

    • Orthognathic Surgery and Quality-of-Life Outcomes: Findings from a Hospital-Based Patient Satisfaction Survey
    • Recommendations for Co-Prescription of Opioids and Naloxone in the Dental Office
    • Papillon-LeFevre Syndrome: A Case Study of Two Siblings
    • Treatment of Peri-implant Soft-tissue Deficiency around a Narrow Diameter Implant with Subepithelial Connective-tissue Graft: A Case Report
    • Simple Lipoma Mimicking Oral Infiltrating Lipoma: Case Report

This issue includes regular columns with regional news impacting the New York membership including: editorial and perspectives columns, legal, association activities, component news, continuing education opportunities, and classifieds.