Volume 29, Issue 3 (2023)

In this third quarter issue, the reader will find the following feature articles:

    • Embracing Trauma: Informed Dental Care for Patient Well-being
    • Attaining Financial Fitness for Your Career Journey
    • The Community of Dentistry
    • References for Trends in Malpractice Payments and Adverse Actions Against Healthcare Providers in the State of Colorado Between 1990–2022

This issue includes regular columns with regional news impacting the Metro Denver membership including: editorial and perspectives columns, legal, association activities, component news, continuing education opportunities, and classifieds.

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The Community of Dentistry
Amisha Singh DDS, EdD

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The Culmination
Karen Foster DDS

Cover of the Metro Denver Dental Society's Articulator magazine with image of many hands gathered together in the circle of a group of people to symbolize community.


Amisha Singh, DDS
Allen Vean, DMD
Managing Editor
Cara Stan
Creative Manger
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