This article “Chew on this: Love it or hate it, gum is here to stay” from the ADA News discusses the potential future of chewing gum in our society, perhaps reflecting the interest in futuristic technology kicked off by the turn of the millennium.

From the article: “Chewing gum boasts myriad potential medical benefits. It can conveniently deliver aspirin to headache sufferers, caffeine to tired students, and substitute nicotine to smokers trying to kick the habit... Wrigley is reportedly considering producing gum laced with Viagra.”

This passage from the ADA News stands in direct contrast to another item in this collection from even closer to the Y2K era: a letter to the ADA News titled "Acid Candy." It states “Dentistry has known for a long time that aspirin-gum and chewable vitamin C (ascorbic acid) used regularly will erode teeth”

Article starts page 5; aspirin mention on page 6. To skip to page 5, type 5 in the black page number box at the top of the PDF.

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